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Drinking tea is seen as a ritual experience. It encourages you to be present, mindful, and relaxed.  Before drinking the tea try to set an intention and thank the herbs for what they provide you. 


This Rose, Aster & Hawthorn signature blend was created for those going through tough times or grief. When our hearts feel broken or strained from emotional stress, sitting down with a cup of tea can help to put your mind and body at ease. The name, "Love, Wisdom & Happiness" comes from the spiritual meaning of each of the flowers in the name. "Rose, Aster & Hawthorn".


Organically grown ingredients support the cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems. 


Directions: Boil water, add 1tsp of herb per 8oz, steep for 4-5 min, enjoy!


Ingredients: Organic Echinacea, Organic Hawthorn, Organic Rose petals & Organic Rosehips 


1oz makes 10-15 bags of tea

Includes a reusable cloth tea bag

The product bag is compostable. 


Organic Love, Wisdom & Happiness Tea 1oz


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