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Lemon Balm Tincture 


Lemon balm is a wonderful plant for supporting systems of those with anxiety, depression, stomach issues and more. This tincture was made from fresh lemon balm, organically grown in Wisconsin.


To use simply add 1-3 droppers to a tea or take directly, if tolerated. 

Ingredients: organic lemon balm, organic vodka
Each bottle is cleansed with Palo Santo before shipping. 


Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) 

Properties: diaphoretic, calmative, antispasmodic, stomachic
Energetics: Sour, spicy, cool


Please note: No returns on tinctures. Before taking any herbal product please consult a physician. These statements and product are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any ailment.

Lemon Balm Tincture 1oz or 2oz

  • No returns on herbal tinctures due to the nature of how they are used. Thank you for understanding. Please contact me with any questions you have. 

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