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Love, wisdom and happiness.

Welcome to Rose, Aster & Hawthorn. A place where grounding work, spirituality, crystals and herbs come together. 

Bringing herbs, mushrooms, and roots into your system via teas, tinctures or other methods is a wonderful way to support your body but did you know there is more you can do? Grounding yourself to the earth has benefits that are not yet normalized in the medical field; however, it is being studied!

Researches are finding direct correlations between grounding and lower rates of inflammation after an injury, lowered anxiety, increased system stability and overall happier states of being. 

When you get a chance, touch the ground! Sit with the earth for a minimum of 30 minutes and let Gaia help you heal. She's an amazing supporter but we have to make time to connect.  

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The Eau Claire Herbal Shop

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